Extremely Useful PHP Tools – Image Manipulation and Graphs

 PHP/SWF Charts

PHP/SWF Charts is a powerful PHP tool that enables you to create attractive Web charts and graphs from dynamic data. You can use PHP scripts to generate and gather data from databases, then pass it to this tool to generate Flash (SWF) charts and graphs.

pChart – a chart-drawing PHP libraryImage Manipulation and Graphs

pChart is a PHP class-oriented framework designed to create aliased charts. Most of today’s chart libraries have a cost; this one is free. Data can be retrieved from SQL queries or CSV files or can be manually provided.

Chart – Screenshot


 ideImage is a PHP library for dynamic image manipulation and processing for PHP 5. To be able to use the library, you should have the GD PHP extension installed on your Web server.

MagickWand for PHP

MagickWand for PHP is a PHP module suite for working with the ImageMagick API, which lets you create, compose and edit bitmap images. It’s a useful tool for quickly incorporating image-editing features in your PHP applications.

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