Learn ASP.net in Vadodara – ASP.net Project training in Vadodara

• ASP.NET has multi language abilities of .net CLR, which allow web pages to be coded in VB.NET, C#, J#, etc.learn asp.net

• ASP.NET uses object oriented design approach for programming controls

• ASP.NET is server side technology so before sending the code to the browser, code is executed on server first.

• In ASP.NET web applications are stored on the server so it take less execution time for compilation

• ASP.NET can work on all .NET frameworks, so it makes development easy.

• In ASP.NET all the configuration information are built in so there is no need to register the components at the time of deployment.

• ASP.NET is language-independent; it has more than 25 .net languages for developers to choose for their web application.

• ASP.NET has security features like windows authentication and windows authorization, so the application developed with ASP.NET is more secure than any other.

• ASP.NET pages are easy to maintain because HTML code and source code both are combined in one application.

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