PHP Language: Foundation of Open Source Frameworks

Introduced as “Personal Home Page”, and later renamed as “Hypertext Preprocessor,” PHP is one of the most extensively used, and popular programming languages. Today, a large number of small and medium-size enterprises, as well as big corporate utilize this server-side scripting language for dynamic webPHP Language development purpose. As per recent analysis, PHP is supporting more than twenty million websites, and one million web servers, which clearly shows the huge repute gained by the language.

Unique Selling Points of PHP

Created initially for managing “Personal Home Page”, today PHP serves as foundation stone of a wide range of open source frameworks. No doubt, there are various USPs behind the overwhelming success and popularity of the language. One of the main benefit of the open-source language is that it can be installed on a wide range of web servers and also on every OS and framework without any cost. In addition, the language also supports a variety of RDBMS, thereby increasing the functional credibility of the language. Moreover, the wide acceptance of PHP across the globe, has resulted in the formation of communities by enthusiastic PHP coders.

In terms of up-gradation, this open-source language has always been in evolving mode, which can be seen by regular arrivals of new PHP updates. With every update adding something extra to the existing version, this further provide more grounds to the developers. As for now, PHP programmers are using version 5.4.12 for development purpose, with PHP 6.0 already in the pipeline for the roll-out.

PHP as Foundation

The feature-rich PHP has also played a significant role in the development of various frameworks, by providing a foundation and a design structure to encourage the Rapid application development (RAD) process. Some of the PHP based frameworks include – CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii Framework, and Zend Framework. Most of these platforms follow the Model-view-controller (MVC) model, that helps in separating the information from the users’ view.

Written in PHP, all the open-source web application frameworks encompass somewhat similar features and functionalities. However, they are not identical, as distinct frameworks have different attributes. Some of the major PHP based open-source platform are –

Zend Framework: This open-source framework is based on PHP 5 and include components that are E_STRICT compliant. It supports various database systems and includes email composition and delivery feature. Added with minimal inter-dependencies, the platform provide ideal grounds for PHP web development.

Yii Framework: This platform strictly follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. It allows generation of high-end WSDL services while supporting translation of time, and date. In addition, it also supports data caching, and dynamic content. Needless to say, Yii framework is best for error handling, and implementation of security measures.

CakePHP Framework: This framework assists in rapid web application development. With fast generation of prototypes and no complicated XML/YAML files associated, the system is suitable for building commercial web development solutions. Furthermore, CakePHP also helps during the application development process and assists in keeping your app safe via CRSF protection and other in-built tools.

CodeIgniter Framework: This high-performance PHP framework is best for developing web applications. The easy to use platform assists in developing solutions with broad compatibility, zero configuration, exceptional performance and small footprint. Finally, CodeIgniter assists in developing solutions, ranging from simple to even complex one.

However, being an open-source platform, PHP is also prone to virus attacks. According to a research, about 30% of all the vulnerabilities listed on the universal database are linked to PHP. However, with regular updates and new improved versions of PHP coming-up, soon this open-source scripting language will overcome all shortcomings and become safe and secure.

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