PHP Scripting Language

What is PHP?

PHP which stands for hypertext Preprocessor is a popularly used scripting language for general purposes and is highly appropriate for web development. It can also be set into HTML. PHP scripting language is mainly deals with the server side. However, this is not what it was originally designed for as it was meant to be used in web development for the creation of dynamic web pages. It is for this reason that the PHP code is rooted into the HTML main document and converted with the help of a web server which has a PHP processor unit that produces the web page text.

How is PHP used?

PHP has been upgraded and now also has the ability to execute command line interface functions. It can also be used in single standalone graphical applications. PHP is quite flexible since it can be used with almost all servers. When it comes to its standalone interpreting functions, it can be incorporated into a good number of the operating systems and their platforms without any charge. The PHP script language has numerous competitors which include Active server pages(ASP) and server- side script engine, Active server to mention just but a few. The popularity of PHP comes out clearly in the fact that more than twenty million websites have installed PHP and about one million installations done on wed servers.

Where is it used?

As previously stated PHP is used in web development for a positive outcome. To begin with PHP which is a server side scripting language can be used to perform various tasks. One such task is its ability to create dynamic pages containing active content which consist of flash and animation thereby making it possible for you to create personalized web pages which can be the center of attention for many visitors. Another function of PHP is to use it from the side of a standalone client. Due to the fact that PHP is free, it is quite easy to fix it into HTML. Web developers as well as programmers also make use of PHP MYSQL to do script installations, repair and control all front as well as back end activities without any complications. PHP can also be used expansively when it comes to creating social media sites, email supervision, software for managing content and other functions.

Benefits of Using PHP for Web Development

    It interacts perfectly with any database – it is one of the best languages to be used in building active websites which work together with databases. This is because it has the capability to substitute all kinds of information without any difficulties.

    Price- due to the fact that PHP runs on Linux, it is free. This is another reason which has made it quite popular with developers.PHP Scripting Languages

    When compared to other programs such as ASP which run on MS_SQL which a Microsoft product which is not available for free, PHP database connectivity is less costly. However, when using PHP via MySQL for web development it is free.

    Extremely good speeds – PHP is known to be much faster when compared to other web programming languages since the PHP code functions through its own memory.

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