Placement Partners

Our placement assistance is based on a very solid framework of partners, affiliates and recruiters who ultimately help towards satrt of your successful career. Through such collaborations we make our services concrete and continue to contribute towards growth of industry in-turn.

Place Partners is a popular job portal in Gujarat and major cities of India. The portal has a network of 2000+ Employers and Recruiters. With this Job Portal as our placement partner, job vacancies are posted very frequently. As soon as a suitable job opening arrives, we recommend our students/trainees to further schedule interviews and place them at good positions.

Placement Partners

Apart from being our placement partner, we don't want our students/trainees to miss out on other opportunities in the job market. So we are also affiliated with a number of IT Recruitment solutions providing companies who will be more than happy to place you at good positions in best companies.

Since we ourselves are an IT company into web development services and IT solutions on various platforms, there is ooften need for skilled personnel from time to time. We always look forward to offer positions in our company to our students/trainees if requirement arises.

Summing it all up, we will try every possible way to make sure that the hard work put behind college education and our IT training is rewarded well.