Project Guidance

As an IT company we understand the importance of practical exposure on technical subjects like programming and we know that it is the only way one can hope to become perfect. 6th semester and/or 8th semester projects in streams like B.E IT, B.E. Computer Science, B.C.A, M.C.A, B.Tech., M.Tech., etc. play a very important role in development of skills of a student as it is means to finally use the skills & knowledge they have learned so far. With growing standards of college education, the complexity of definition of such projects is getting difficult every year. At the same time these projects hold a major stake in marking system as well thus making them even more important. As a result, students come under pressure and often make critical mistakes due to their inexperience of understanding and handling projects.

We offer project guidance to such students who wish to execute their 6th / 8th semester projects on their own but need proper guidance to complete it effectively. The main aim is to guide the student in understanding of definition and making him/her familiar with industry standards of handling projects. The development of the project will be responsibility of the student and following guidance/assistance will be provided by us.

  • Enrollment of Letter of Confirmation in case of IDP project.
  • Definition of project in case of IDP project
  • Analyzing and understanding the project
  • Guidance in project workflow.
  • Logic suggestions in case of complex scenarios.
  • Troubleshooting assistance for complex errors.
  • Documentation guidelines.
  • Project completion certificate.
  • Guidance under our experienced web developers
  • CV of Guide provided (if required).

For students who have sought our project guidance it is mandatory to report with project process regularly with briefing of each phase.

NOTE: Pace Infonet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. only offers project guidance and we do not provide as well as completely discourage outsourcing of College Projects by students.