The Advantages of an e Commerce Design for Your Website

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An ecommerce design for a website is a bit more expensive than a standard static website, but for aE Commerce Website Development Training Institute Barodan ecommerce business – an internet-based business that conducts financial transactions online – an ecommerce design for the website is fundamental.

When considering your website development requirements, you may wonder if there are easy ways around getting an ecommerce design for your website since an ecommerce design is more expensive than getting a site without ecommerce design features, especially if funds are tight starting out.

There are a few alternatives to an ecommerce design that could get you by until you can afford the development expense for an ecommerce design, but if you take your ecommerce business seriously, you really do need an ecommerce design because of its many advantages over other websites.

As an alternative to an ecommerce design, you could use your website as a lead generation tool without actually conducting financial transactions online. If you use your website for lead generation rather than getting an ecommerce design for your website, you will have many manual tasks to accomplish that will be time consuming.

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You can use a contact form, email, a fax line, or a phone number to accept orders offering payment options such as sending in a check or money order or providing a credit card number by phone, if you have a merchant account.

This is not a very good option for you or your customers; however, for more than one reason. Your customers may not take your ecommerce business seriously if you do not have an ecommerce design website that accepts payments online. Online shoppers are also generally impulse buyers.

If the process of purchasing something from your company is too cumbersome, many will just surf the net and find another alternative, so your sales potential will be diminished. You will also have to manually process orders and payments and matching the order to the payment can be a complicated task at times, so your order fulfillment process might be inefficient.

That results in poor customer service, angry customers and negativity against the reputation of your business. Really, it is a vicious circle.

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A more beneficial alternative to an ecommerce design is the use of PayPal’s automated payment features. PayPal enables you to place “Pay Now” buttons on your website which will enable your customers to make online payments to your PayPal account.

This is certainly a better alternative than having no online payment option on your website; however, a website with an ecommerce design will likely be much more appealing to your website visitors.

The benefits of an ecommerce design are that it enables your customers to place orders quickly and easily, especially if you have a shopping cart feature in your ecommerce design. Multiple products or services can be purchased at one time, the order (including tax and shipping) can be automatically totaled, and the customer can make an online payment for the complete order. Some ecommerce design features may even send the customer an order confirmation and if you have shipping tracking built into your ecommerce design, you can update your database when an order ships and a tracking confirmation will be automatically sent to your customers via email so they can keep tabs on the status of their order.

The main advantages of an ecommerce design is that it automated the sales process, improves customer confidence, increases sales, and saves you loads of time in the order processing and follow-up processes.

An ecommerce design might be a bit more costly than other designs in the website development phase, but over the long run, your ecommerce design will pay for itself ten-fold at least in increased revenues and saved time.

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