Using a WordPress Page as Your Home Page

It’s not only possible it’s relatively easy. The first step is to create a page to serve as your new home page. For the purpose of this example, we’ll call it “My New Home Page.”

1.  In your WP control panel, select the Pages tab.
2.  Click on Add New.
3.  Give the page a title – something like, “HOMEPAGE”
4.  Create the content for your home page just as you would a blog post.
5.  Click the Publish button.

While you’re still in the Write Page subpanel, create a second page:

1. Title this one “RECENT POSTS” (or whatever you want to call the page that your recent posts appear on).
2. You don’t need to have any Page Content for this one.
3. Click the Publish button.

Now you’re ready tell WP to use your new page as the home page:

1. In the Settings panel on the left navigation select Reading.
2. At the top of the Reading Options subpanel you’ll see:


3. To change the front page to your new home page, select “A static page” for      Front page displays.
4. Select “HOMEPAGE” from the Front page drop down menu.
5. Finally, be sure to tell WP which page to use to display your recent posts.    From the Posts page menu select the “Recent Posts” page you created earlier.    As  you can see in the picture below, our posts page has not been set yet.


   6. Click Save Changes.

View your site. “HOMEPAGE” should now be your home page. You also do not need to put the title in all caps. This was simply done for our example.

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